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  • Dr. Kung-Li Deng’s Bio

    Dr. Deng is an inventor (over 20 US & world patents), entrepreneur (high tech & value-based learning start-ups), teacher, and scholar (over 100 publications). Foremost, Dr. Deng is a visionary leader with a heart in mentoring and coaching. His passion is to bring up leaders by bridging gaps between cultures and generations.

    He has a wide range of experience including corporate (GE, two high-tech start-ups), academics (Princeton University), research (Bell Laboratory), and teaching (Nanotech Center, SUNY Albany). Dr. Deng is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). He is also a master trainer for Reiss motivation profile, specializing in individual & team passion assessment and training.

    He is currently the founder & executive director of Enlighting, a global institute to train passion leaders. Dr. Deng has been working extensively with local and global business leaders on passion-based coaching and training initiatives and programs. His current coaching portfolio includes clients in finance, education and high-tech companies. He also founded 5 Rock Academy (www.5rock.org), a non-profit organization focusing on cultivating up-and-coming young leaders. Known to young people as coach K, Dr. Deng has spent significant amount of time working with high school & college students to find their passions.

    Dr. Deng, fluent in English and Chinese, is often found seamlessly switching between two languages during his coaching & teaching sessions.