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What is your Passion Quotient (PQ)?
Research shows that people live to assert their unique set of passion that defines who they are from within. This inner motivation can be measured in sixteen dimensions that result in billions of possible combinations, each of which distinctly represents an individualized passion profile. It is a serious business to unveil and understand your personal passion set. We exist to empower you to find and work with your passion with our top-notched expertise & services.


Purpose Driven Passion


Value-based happiness is a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill some larger purpose. It represents a spiritual source of satisfaction, stemming from our unique set of passions



Backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, our analytical tool, PQ (Passion Quotient), is based on robust science. You can lean on our industry-leading data intelligence and dashboard report to view you or your team from any angle in an instant.



Let passion guide you in your decision-making process. It can habitually produce positive results. Our team will coach you every step of the way until you become a passion leader.



People are your best strategy, always. We are learning that people are motivated to assert their values. If you want to motivate someone -- a loved one, a student, or employees -- you would be wise to focus on what they care about.



Let your unique set of passions put you on the map and carry you over the hump. With a selection of tools at your disposal, you are in the driver seat to pinpoint where you want to go, who you want to go with and what you want to accomplish.



Your passion will be your most eloquent advocate in life. Take time to participate in writing the script. Your personal and team passion statement can brand you and your team in an explosive way beyond your imagination.



It takes a tribe to sustain your passion. Build a tribe of sponsors, mentors and supporters who are there for you and your passion. Connect with a global village in Enlighting’s orange community where like-minded leaders innovate, inspire and incubate next generation leaders with passion.

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